Plank Floors: 3 ¼, 5 ¼, 7 ¼,  AND 10"-20" MEGA WIDE

Mountain High Grade

This classic, elegant floor is by far our best seller. Made from either Douglas Fir or Ponderosa Pine, this is our in-house grade of fine character flooring. We do not grade out clears, preferring instead to include all of the wood that we derive from excellent sawing and drying methods. Our character grade floor is still a number one grade, and all defects have been removed to give you the best look and quality. Book-matched boards and sequential pairs will all come with your floor.

Circle Sawn

Made on a real Circular Saw, so our marks are real. This floor, especially in our flagship color, OW#2, is in many fine homes, restaurants, clubhouses, and a few billionaires’ lodges and cabins.  A true Railroad Era floor, it was chosen for the Bill Cody Cabin on the north rim of the Grand Canyon by the US Park Service.

Skip Planed

Like Circle Sawn, but with the marks of a band saw. The roughness is mostly buffed out but the remaining texture absorbs more stain than the smooth wood around it, creating great tonality.  Skip Planed works well with most stains. Easy to live with, it is quite level and tends not to show dirt! It’s a very versatile finish which works well in a number of architectural styles.

Hand Planed

Really Hand-made using block- planes tuned to your ‘level’.  This is a legitimate, museum-grade representation of a hand-adzed or planed floor.  This finish absorbs stain in remarkable ways, particularly on the back side of knots where the knives tend to pull or tear a bit.  No two boards are exactly the same, and it is impossible to emulate in a machine.

Hand Scraped

This is a floor that we showed a decade ago at a major flooring expo- it was immediately “ripped off” by a variety of others. If you love this look, we practically invented it. We’ll get it to just the right level for your taste and needs.

Summit County

This very exclusive floor was created in collaboration with the owner of a large ski area for a corporate retreat high up in Summit County, Colorado. It quickly became popular with our other customers, and is now one of our personal favorites as it combines aspects of skip planed, hand planed, and hand scraped, underlying a unique “Cobbler Finish” created by using a variety of hammers to create clusters of peened area. The inspiration for this floor is an early 19th century cobbler’s table in our home in Santa Fe. You won’t see another of these anywhere. We will make it to your level of finish, taste and color.

Wire Brushed

Just as it sounds, this finish is subdued but really lovely. Our modern, American-made brushing machine adds a look that is part “dock of the bay”, part “burn and brush”, and all beautiful. The brushing makes Fir and Pine floors actually wear very well, as it removes the softer “spring wood” from between the rings. Wire brushing does interesting things with stain as well, often giving the wood a sort of three-dimensionality which is hard to duplicate with other finishes. A lovely, reasonably priced, unique finish that makes an even, level, easy to live-on floor.

Very Wide Planks

We’ve been hand-making a few of these floors a year for decades now.  Careful sawing, seasoning and drying let us make a 10-20” wide floor that is extremely stable. Square edged, 1” thick, hand sanded, surfaced to your taste: natural or fully finished to suit your application.  Featuring pre-drilled and counter-bored holes for screws and plugs or pegs (included).  Intended to be screwed and glued to a solid sub-floor, these floors have given excellent service in some extraordinary homes, mostly at high altitudes in the Rockies. Price is half that of our European competition and our high altitude, fire reclaimed wood has a great story as well. 

Sizes, Lengths and Grade

We offer standard 3 ¼”, 5 ¼”, 7 ¼” widths. A very wide 8 ½” special width option is also available and in Summer of 2015 we will be bringing a new 12” six head moulder on-line to make 10-12” wide T&G.   With the exception of Very Wide Planks, all of our plank floors are ¾” thick. Special thicknesses may be available upon request. The material for our floors is kiln dried to below 7%, tongue and grooved, but not end matched. A few knots may need filling depending on your taste, but we only include sound, beautiful knots. We grade knots! Our planks are random lengths, from 12’ down to 18”, though the average length is over 5’. This is part of good forestry. We include a very nice mix of boards in each order, always being aware of the overall “look” of the customer’s order.


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