AT Old Wood, OUR MISSION IS TO create beautifully hand crafted floors while practicing sustainable forestry 

We offer a wide array of surface details and finishes including Wire Brushed, Skip-Planed, Circle Sawn, and others.   Our most important assets are our skills, our people, and our forests, how we do what do, who and what we work with and why.  We are technologically advanced and our processes are sophisticated. Our modern plant includes several sawmills, drykilns, six head moulders, automated spray and roll coat UV and IR finishing, brand new CNC routing, wire-brushing and all the assorted other machinery needed to make a great modern wood plank floor.  Your floor will be carefully created, by hand, from scratch and treated, finished and packaged just as you order it.

Well Sourced

Our wood is sourced from US National Environmental Protection Act cleared public lands, our own certified Tree Farm, or other wood sourced from fire reclamation, prevention or arid land restoration efforts across the West. We work with Navajo and Pueblo tribes and villages and are proud to work collaboratively with environmental and conservation organizations to solve complex forestry issues.  Your patronage truly contributes to healthy forests and communities.

Old Wood Process


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